About us

“FIM”, Ltd. is one of the biggest manufacturers of fiberglass plastic productions, particularly: dielectric ladders, stepladders, folded ladders, scaffoldings, grooving wedges (shpugs) of different profile for fastening of windings in electric motors, turbines, transformers; insulating rods and tubes with diameter of 12-36 mm. All production has a reserve of mechanical durability to the maximal possible load force during the exploitation of ladders, the constructive item’s firmness and reliable fixing of work position are provided. By the indicators of capacity and reliability fiberglass plastic dielectric ladders correspond to the requirements and terms of Technical specifications of Ukraine (TS U) 25.2-33455200-001.2006. All products are certificated in Ukraine.

"Factory of insulating materials", Ltd. also produces the product line of devices for procurement of cable channels – fiberglass duct rodder (cable pulling equipment - UZK) – from cable sewerage to embedded pipes of interstorey constructions (with using of resilient dielectric fiberglass plastic cord of different diameter). The structure of cable pulling equipment includes drum with a cord which is on the exploitation truck. The cord’s ends are equipped by the caps with thread for connecting different accessories: directing head, compensator rolling, connective tubes, tips with an ear etc.