Cable pulling equipment (Fiberglass duct rodder)

Factory of insulating materials, Ltd. produces a series of devices for installation of cable channels – cable pulling equipment ( fiberglass duct rodder) – which are intended - from the conduit to the inserts pipes of interfloor constructions ( with elastic dielectric fiberglass plastic cord of different diameters - from 3 to 11 mm). The length of the cord 150 m, or by request. In the structure the cable pulling equipment 11/150 are completed by the exploitation truck and removable ends.

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- diameter 11 mm;
- length 150 m;
- weight 32 kg;
- size 1040х640х350 mm.
- diameter 6 mm;
- length 70 m;
- weight 8 kg;
- size 750х510х190 mm.
УЗК-3/30 (УЗК-3/50)
- diameter 3 mm;
- length 30 (50) m;
- weight 1,3 kg;
- size 360х300х120 mm.
Analogue Kati-Blitz (Germany),
GreenLee (США)

In the structure of cable pulling equipment the drum with a rod are on the transport exploitation truck. The cord’s ends are equipped by the caps with thread for connecting different accessories: directing head, compensator rolling, connective tubes, caps with an ear etc. The cable pulling equipment has an insulating properties of fiberglass plastic and can be used for laying cables in the active electrical installations, interstorey switchboard panels etc.

For comfort using and raising lifetime our cable pulling equipment is equipped with the high quality and wearproof fiberglass plastic profile.

In accordance with customer’s desire the cord in the structure of cable pulling equipment can be delivered any length, with different type of covering and without truck as maintenance kit.

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