Dielectric footstools

Dielectric footstools

Our enterprise has developed new dielectric footstools, which very comfortably to use for servicing the electric substations and other works under the tension. Have the fiberglass plastic connections only. Sizes and details can be produced on a customer’s demand.

The footstool is developed, produced and tested according to the requirements of Тechnical specifications of Ukraine (TS U) 25.2-33455200-001:2006.

For warning of footstool’s displacement and turn-over during the work, the lower tips of bow-strings are equipped by the rubber bearings.

The footstool is covered by protective enamel ТS 2312-025-05758799-97.

The footstool of the height more than one meter has a handle.

The main footstool’s parameters are in the table.

Dielectric footstools:
Type a b f m
Ps-0,07 0,75 0,5 0,07 6

а - width, m. f   - height of the platform, m.
b - length, m. m - weight of not more than, kg.

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