Ladders for telecom enterprises

Ladders for telecoms (in sewage wells) are intended for carrying out erection work, adjustment and alignment, repair work in the electric installations, in sewage wells and on the traverses LEP. Attached ladders, hinged ladders, for telecoms (in wells) are intended for realization constructive works and other works indoors and outdoors. Depending on destination the lower ends of bowstrings have rubber bearings or steel caps. There are braces on the upper and lower parts of the ladders for increasing the construction's hardness, the bowstrings diverge downwards or parallel. The surface of the products is protected by the atmosphere resistant insulating covering. Rungs are covered with a spray to prevent slipping shoes. Ladders are equipped by the rubber bearings (on request equipped with steel caps). The rung’s step is 25 or 34 sm., length is from 2 to 7 m, high and weigh is from 5 to 23 kg.

Type a b c d n m
DSOT-2 2 35 35 25 7 5
DSOT-2,5 2,5 35 35 25 8 6

Ladders’ parameters:
а - length along the string, m. е  - height from the working platform to the support for hands, sm.
b - distance between strings on the top, sm. f   - height of the working platform, m.
с - distance between strings at the base, sm. n  - number of rungs, pieces.
d - step (the distance between rungs), sm. m - mass of no more than, kg.

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