Our products

“Factory of insulating materials”, Ltd. offers its clients the following grades of fiberglass plastic:

- SPP-EI (electrical insulating)

- SPP-EV (electrical high-voltage)

- SPP-EK (cable)

The main production’s characteristics are in the table:

Parameter Meaning
Physical Density 1850-2150 kg/m3
tensile strength (destructive tension at the dilatation) 700-1150 Mpа
tensile modulus (0,35-0,4)10*5 Mpа
Destructive tension at a transverse bending 800-1100 Mpа
impact strength across the fibres 280 kJ/м2
Surface electrical resistivity 1x10*13 Оm
dielectric strength along the fibres 2...5 МV/m
water absorption 0,03 %
ambient operating temperature 0..+150 С
resistance to short-term heating +200 С

The material has high dielectric properties, oil and fire resistant, does not corrode, intrinsically safe. Given these properties, the company in accordance with requirements of normative documents mastered the production of finished products made of fiberglass plastic.

You can also see samples of our products in our photo gallery..