One- and two-sided scaffoldings with a handle

Scaffoldings PS (PSD) are intended for servicing the equipment of telecommunication. Depending on the order scaffoldings equipped with handrails and wooden rungs, one and two-way service. Platform height is from 0,2 to 1,5 m high and weigh from 3 to 17 kg. The surface of a product is protected by the insulating atmosphere resistant coating. Rungs are covered with sputtering to prevent slipping shoes. Products include rubber bearings (on request equipped with steel caps). Scaffolding at a height of 1 m - movable (on wheels).

Type a n d m e f
One- and two-sided scaffoldings with a handle:
PS-0,6 0,64 2 20 6 - 0,6
PS-1,2 1,25 4 20 14 80 1,2
PS-1,5 1,55 6 20 15 80 1,5
PS-D-1,1 1,13 4 20 16 80 1,1
PS-D-1,5 1,55 6 20 17 80 1,5

Scaffoldings’ parameters:
а - length along the string, m. е  - height from the working platform to the support for hands, sm.
b - distance between strings on the top, sm. f   - height of the working platform, m.
с - distance between strings at the base, sm. n  - number of rungs, pieces.
d - step (the distance between rungs), sm. m - mass of no more than, kg.

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