Fiberglass plastic grooving wedges

At manufacturing of electric motors to keep the electric wrappings of rotor and stator we propose to use as a grooving wedges (shpug) fiberglass plastic wedges of type SPP-E, which correspond to the Technical Specifications of Ukraine (TS U) 3.00216881-001-95 and GOST 27380-87 with a working range from -60 to +155 C (thermal class – F), density is 2100 kg/mЗ. We offer the following forms of grooving wedges:

- Segment (base x height) mm - 3x1,5; 4x3; 5x3; 6x3; 6,5x4,3; 7x3; 9x4; 9x8;

- trapezium, mm - 14х12,5х5;

- rod with dia 2,2 mm, 4, 5, 6, 8, 11, 15, 20 mm.

- rectangle, mm – 10х12;

- square, mm – 10х10.

It is possible the manufacturing of wedges according to your drafts of different forms with cross-section to 1000 mm2, and also on the customer’s draw plate. Considering continuous technological process, the slicing of wedges runs of any length. Recommended minimal order is 50 kg.

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